staff recruiting


 The main company activity is provision of recruiting services.

Procedure of cooperation with Employer companies in most cases is the following:

  1. Collaboration with Employer company starts with filling in the Form about searching and selection a required specialist. Thoroughly and carefully filled Form will give us an opportunity to understand Your request better, what skills and personal qualities required specialist mush have and the appropriate duration (term) of search (varies from one to six weeks, if a rare specialist is required the duration can be delayed to 3 months).

  2. For Employer company search of a required specialist will cost a sum that is equal to 8-12% of his annual income.

  3. After signing an appropriate Agreement, a team of professional recruiters select best Applicants, have a job interview with them, test them (if there is a need), get recommendations from their previous work places. Cvs of those Applicants who are the most suitable are sent to Employer company. After this we organize a second job interview with a representative of Employer company.

  4. During 5-14 days after the first working day of Applicant in the company, Employer company pays a service fee, that is indicated in Agreement. A payment period can be postponed in case of search a specialist for executive position.

  5. In case if Applicant for some reason does not pass probation period, we are obliged to provide Employer company with new Applicant within 1-4 weeks.